Spaghetti Mentai – Exclusive for Heat & Eat Model Only


Our mouthwatering Spaghetti Mentai will be available exclusively through our “Heat and Eat” model, bringing the delightful taste of Japanese-inspired flavors to your convenience. Savor the perfect fusion of creamy mentai sauce and al dente spaghetti, crafted with the finest ingredients and packed with delicious umami goodness.


Our Spaghetti Mentai is thoughtfully packaged to preserve its freshness and taste. Each portion is carefully sealed in microwave-safe containers, ensuring convenient and quick reheating.

Indulge in a delectable bowl of spaghetti coated in our rich and creamy mentai sauce. The sauce is made with a harmonious blend of Japanese mayo, tobiko (fish roe), and a hint of spice to elevate the flavors. Topped with serunding and a choice of patty ayam or daging, this dish promises a delightful explosion of taste.

With Smokin’ Cheeze’s “Heat and Eat” model, you can enjoy our Spaghetti Mentai whenever you crave a delightful, restaurant-quality meal. Whether you’re in a hurry or looking to unwind after a long day, our Spaghetti Mentai is the perfect choice to satisfy your taste buds with a burst of umami and creamy goodness. Experience the convenience and exceptional taste of our Heat and Eat model today!

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