Torch & Smoke

The “Torch & Smoke” business model is an innovative and interactive dining experience that sets us apart from traditional¬†fast-casual restaurants. This model is designed to engage and delight our customers by showcasing the art of torching and smoking our delicious culinary creations right before their eyes.
In the “Torch & Smoke” model, we use torches and smoke-infusing techniques to add unique flavors and aromas to our food. This process creates a captivating sensory experience, making each visit to our kiosks an exciting and personalized culinary adventure. The visual appeal and mouthwatering scents further enhance the overall dining experience, leaving a lasting impression on our valued customers.

Here's how the "Torch & Smoke" model works:

The "Torch & Smoke" model aligns with our commitment to providing unforgettable dining experiences and showcasing our dedication to quality and innovation.

It serves as a key differentiator, positioning Smokin' Cheeze as a stand-out player in the fast-casual dining scene in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

By engaging our customers through this unique culinary experience, we aim to build a loyal customer base and establish Smokin' Cheeze as a go-to destination for exceptional food adventures.

When customers place their orders, they have the option to choose from a selection of torched and smoked dishes. Our skilled personnel then prepare the chosen dish in front of the customers, adding a touch of excitement and personalization to their meal.

Using specialized torches, our skilled personnel carefully sear and caramelize the outer layer of certain dishes, enhancing the flavors and textures. Torching adds a delightful smoky taste while creating a visually appealing presentation.

For selected items, we use a smoke-infusing technique to infuse rich smoky flavors into the food. This process imparts a unique taste profile and enhances the overall dining experience.

The “Torch & Smoke” process doubles as entertainment for our customers, as they get to witness the culinary magic unfold before their eyes. This interactive element adds to the enjoyment of the meal and fosters a strong connection with our brand.