Torch & Smoke
Heat & Eat

The significant difference between the “Torch & Smoke” and the “Heat & Eat” model lies in the dining experience they offer and the type of food they provide :
Dining Experience :
The “Torch & Smoke” model provides an immersive and interactive dining experience. Customers get to witness the preparation of their food firsthand as skilled personnel torch and smoke the dishes, adding excitement and personalization to the meal.
Food Preparation :
The food offered in this model typically includes items that require on-the-spot torching, grilling or smoking, such as certain wraps, grilled meats or smoked dishes. It focuses on freshly prepared and visually captivating meals right in front of the customers.
Dining Experience :
The “Heat & Eat” model is all about convenience and accessibility. Customers can quickly purchase pre-packaged, ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat meals without any cooking or preparation required.
Food Preparation :
The food in this model includes items that are pre-cooked and packaged, designed to be easily heated and consumed by the customers at their convenience. This model prioritizes fast service and allows customers to enjoy the flavors without waiting for food preparation.

In summary, the “Torch & Smoke” model offers an interactive and personalized dining experience with freshly prepared dishes, while the “Heat & Eat” model focuses on convenience, providing pre-packaged and easily reheatable meals for customers on the go.

Each model caters to different preferences and needs of customers, ensuring that Smokin’ Cheeze can cater to a wide range of dining experiences.