Heat & Eat

The “Heat and Eat” business model offers a convenient and accessible dining option for customers who are on the go or prefer to enjoy our delicious offerings in the comfort of their own homes.
This model focuses on providing ready-to-heat food products through partnering resellers like petrol stations and convenience stores, ensuring our flavorful creations are easily accessible and maintain their quality when reheated.

Here's how the "Heat & Eat" model works:

The "Heat and Eat" model aligns with our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that our flavorful creations are accessible to a wider audience.

By offering ready-to-heat food options through partnering resellers, we make it more convenient for busy individuals to savor our culinary delights and enjoy the Smokin' Cheeze experience wherever they are.

This model complements our "Torch & Smoke" model, creating a comprehensive and diverse approach to delighting our customers with scrumptious and convenient dining options.

Our culinary team carefully prepares a selection of our signature dishes and wraps them in convenient and eco-friendly packaging. These dishes are designed to retain their flavor, freshness and quality even after being stored for a short period.

We collaborate with partnering resellers, such as petrol stations and convenience stores, to make our ready-to-heat food products available to a wider customer base. These strategic partnerships place our offerings in high-traffic locations, making it convenient for customers to grab a satisfying meal while they are on the move.

Customers can easily find our packaged products at these partnering resellers, eliminating the need for them to visit our kiosks for a sit-down meal. The “Heat and Eat” model prioritizes convenience without compromising on taste, allowing customers to enjoy our flavorful dishes wherever they are.

Each packaged item comes with simple and clear instructions on how to heat and enjoy the meal. This ensures that customers can quickly and effortlessly heat their food to perfection, maintaining the same mouthwatering flavors that they would experience in our kiosks.